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We deliver high-quality, nondestructive testing services for multiple markets, including aerospace, power generation, medical, nuclear, and automotive.

Our Features
  • Faster and more reliable inspections with multiple automated digital data acquisition C-scan imaging systems.
  • Capable of adapting to most special requirements.
  • Varying sizes and capacities of automatic c-scan immersion tanks.
  • Contact inspection services can be provided at the lab or on the road.
  • Achieved numerous aerospace special process approvals.
  • Full service shipping, receiving or warehousing as necessary
Typical inspections include
  • Metal forgings and castings
  • Brazements
  • Weldments
  • Plastics
  • Composites as stock or as final part shapes

Prime Approvals


Process Specifications:
  • 8962F
  • 9300F
  • 9500F

Dresser Rand

Process Specifications:
  • 015-004-011
  • 015-004-059
  • 397-106-901
  • 394-525-901
  • 397-716-901
  • 690-719-902

General Electric

Process Specifications:
  • E50TF133-S11
  • P3TF1
  • P3TF2
  • P3TE4
  • P3TF14
  • P3TF22
  • P3TF24  CL (C,D)
  • P3TF30  CL (A,B)
  • P3TF42  CL (A,B,C,D)
  • P3TF44
  • P3TF47
  • P3TF51  Cl (A,B)
  • P3TF52  CL (A,B,C,D)
  • P29TF69
  • P29TF82 CL. (A,B,C,D)

Lockheed Martin

Process Specifications:
  • LMA-PC001

General Specifications (Volvo, General Dynamics, Boeing, Airbus, IHI, I.T.P.)

Process Specifications:
  • AMS2175
  • AMS2628
  • AMS2630
  • AMS2631
  • AMS2632
  • AMS4060
  • ASTM-STD-2154
  • ASTM A 275, 388, 435, 578, 745
  • ASTM B 594
  • ASTM E 114, 164, 214, 1001, 2375
  • AWSC 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
  • MIL-I-8950
  • And More

Hamilton Sundstrand

Process Specifications:
  • ES 9-125
  • HS 447


Process Specifications:
  • EMS 52321
  • P6803

MTU Engines

Process Specifications:
  • MTV1033-01, -02, -03
  • MTP101

GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone)

Process Specifications:
  • ITN 07046

Raytheon Technologies - Pratt & Whitney - Collins

Process Specifications:
  • SIM-1
  • CSIM-1
  • FCPS-1
  • RPR 14000

Rolls Royce

Process Specifications:
  • EIS 901
  • EIS 1169
  • EIS 1225
  • EIS 1201
  • GEM0071
  • LHP8037

Safran Aero Engines & Aero Boosters & Helicopter Engines

  • Process Specifications:
    • DMC020
    • DMC029
    • DMC0251
    • DMC0253
    • DMC0257
    • DMC0259
    • DMC0260
    • DMC0261

Solar Turbines

Process Specifications:
  • ES 9-125

Textron (Bell Helicopter)

Process Specifications:
  • BPS4424 (Contact, Immersion & Composites)
  • ESS 28
  • Flight Safety Primary & Critical Parts


Boeing, Airbus, General Dynamics, Sikorsky, Cessna, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rockwell, Bombardier, Mitsubishi, Embraer, GKN, IHI, I.T.P., KHI, Triumph, Harris, Parker Hanafin, Hexcel, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Heico, Ball Aerospace, Teledyne, Barnes Aerospace, Heroux-Devtek, BAE Systems, Eaton, Virgin Galactic and others.

Ultrasonic Inspection

Engine Disk 

  • Gain peace of mind that your equipment is in the right hands, with our 35 automated c-scan data acquisition immersion systems that are widely approved by prime specifications. Our climate controlled ultrasonic laboratory is often called on for R&D projects, and used as a beta test site for many new applications due to the variety and volume of engine disk inspection performed at our company.
  • Enjoy an efficient, one-stop-shop experience. Our lab can accommodate disks and structural parts as high as 36 inches and 60 inches in diameter. Airfoil or similar type shapes (2 1/2D) can be inspected on the same immersion systems.
  • Undergo complicated testing as needed. The accuracy and design of our equipment can accommodate inspections, such as contour following or high sensitivity applications.

Braze & Blade Inspection

We work closely with Engineers and Production teams to ensure braze and bond integrity, assist in R&D, and inspect full production components.  Our scanners provide invaluable information to assist our customers with their brazing processes.  Whether you need a flat panel scan, multilayered, or a 3-D contoured component, we can handle it.  Hansen’s braze scanning department has the flexibility to work on components of all sizes, the capacity to deliverer results quickly, and the expertise to add value to your project. 

Our experience includes:   AWS C3.6, AWS C3.7, AWS C3.8, Bell Helicopter, Collins Aerospace (Hamilton Sundstrand), Harris, Honeywell, Northrup Grumman -PDS30533, Raytheon -RPR 14000, PS51713-081, Rockwell Collins, Rolls-Royce, Sikorsky , SpaceX  , and more…


  • Gain invaluable information using our c-scan mapping for plan views of your composite structures.
  • Pinpoint and repair structures and solve processing issues.
  • Typical inspected materials include a variety of fiber and metal matrix composites using techniques ranging from contact, to c-scan immersion, both pulse echo, and thru-transmission.


  • Comprehensive testing of your equipment for a variety of purposes: highway needs, aerospace metal, nuclear structures, and composite structures.
  • Get fast, efficient testing done wherever you are. Our equipment is portable. Or have it done in our climate controlled lab.


  • Efficient, comprehensive testing experience. We have expertise in immersion and contact weld inspection and our process can adapt to almost all applications, thanks to our assortment of specially designed calibration standards.

Spot Micro Inspection / Grain Size Evaluation

Since establishing our Spot Micro Department in 2016, we have the ability to perform spot micro inspection on machined parts per customer drawings. Currently, Hansen Aerospace is GE and SAFRAN approved for the following specifications:

  • GE: E50TF133-S11
  • SAFRAN: DMC0251, DMC0253, DMC0257, DMC0259, DMC0260, and DMC0261.

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

We offer Fluorescent Penetrant capabilities specializing in, but not limited to, aerospace and power applications. Forgings, castings, weldments, brazings, etc. are handled on a daily basis from a variety of major industrial clients including General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell Engines.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)


Our Magnetic Particle Inspection was designed to test your aerospace and power applications.

We will test your forgings, castings, weldments, brazings, and more. Companies that have undergone our MPI include a variety of major industrial clients, including General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell Engines.

Chemical Processing

Our chemical processing testing, complete with temperature-controlled ovens, spray-painting booths, and grit blasting and vapor degreasing equipment, was designed to inspect painting and coatings for aerospace materials, parts, equipment, and more. Typical parts processed include CDP seals and fan blades.

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